An innovative smart protective device for killing bacterium.

In spring, the weather gets warmer, and pathogenic Bacterium and viruses also multiply rapidly. The bacterium come into contact with human skin, the respiratory tract, and the sensory system, invading humans, causing various epidemic diseases.

This is the main ways of transmission causing various epidemic diseases.

The latest news reports show that the infection is mainly transmitted by air droplets. For example, sneezing mixed with the virus will spread to the surrounding environment through our upper respiratory tract. Even adults with strong resistance cannot prevent being contaminated. places with a high population density, frequent commuting, and poor air circulation are at the highest risk of transmission of Bacterium.

The Bacterium is also spread by the direct contact. such as through the hands and feet. Generally speaking, there are more than 400,000 bacteria in one hand of a person. Exposure through elevators, tableware, pets, toilet bowls and other items can also cause spread.

Bacterium is so terrible? Is there no way we can avoid it?

Of course!

Expert advice: Prevention is better than Cure

At present, the most effective way to prevent bacterium is disinfection water/aloe Vera mixed with 75% alcohol concentration. This kind of sanitizer is commonly found in the market and almost every family has some at home.

Before Disinfection 2410CFU/m3

After Disinfection 24CFU/m3

At present, there are many alcohol disinfecting products available, but there are still many ways the bacterium can still be transmitted even when relying simply on sanitization.The elevator is a small confined space with poor air circulation, the elevator buttons are a Petri dish for bacterium infestation. Although some elevators claim to be disinfected regularly, Bacterium droplets still remain.


Canteens or restaurants are crowded and dense, and masks are removed when eating, Communal serving chopsticks may not be used, which makes it more prone to cross infection.

Canteen or restaurant

Office workers commute frequently and are the main transmitters of the bacterium.


Easily infected with Bacterium, There are many people in the crowded, cramped and congested carriages with poor air circulation. People are in close contact with each other coming in and out daily with a high turn over rate.

Public transport

There are also hot spots prone to viral infections. There is a constant flow of people from unknown places of origin. Please always be vigilant.

Stations, service areas (rest areas) and other places

The hospital but also places with healthcare workers, not only places with intensive care workers, but also places with large numbers of illnesses and infections are breeding grounds for bacterium. More prevalent in hospital facilities and on medical equipment.


Door handles and grab rails. One must be especially careful.

According to the latest research, new data have shown that the bacterium can now attach to clothing & Shoes.



NOMU recommends a product for bacterium clinging onto to various material surfaces.

A non-contact smart disinfectant Sanitizer.NOMU Infrared Sanitizer is mainly used for spraying disinfectant, you can also put it in the door of the home, and spray perfume automatically when you go out.

NOMU Infrared Sanitizer is mainly used for disinfectant spray, can also be put on the home main entrance, and spray perfume instead.

Door handles and elevator buttons


Inside the elevator

Inside the carriage and on public transportation

Public areas such as supermarkets / restaurants and hospitals

Office area and home computer area


How does NOMU Infrared Sanitizer work?

Smart sensor

Automatic smart induction operation, only need to put your hand under it, it will automatically spray disinfectant according to your hand.

Dual nozzle

Dual nozzle,NOMU Infrared Sanitizer was designated a disinfectant water spray outlet on the side and bottom. The side nozzle is mainly used for disinfection of moving objects such as human hands and courier packaging. The downward nozzle is mainly for the position of the door handle ,and back up for side nozzle.

Customize spray metering

Volume adjustment design, you can adjust the spraying volume according to your needs, no matter filled with a pot of disinfectant, or large dose .This device can also be sprayed 200 times, small volume spray can be sprayed 300 times, It is enough to meet weekly spray disinfection need.

Away Mode

When the product detect that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-100CM, it immediately enters the state to be sprayed and guides the approaching object to leave. After a delay of one second, the item is sprayed once. During the entire process of object approaching and leaving, the product is only sprayed once. This mode is suitable for :elevators and toilets.

People mode

In the people mode, when the product detect that an object is approaching within a distance of 0-50CM, it will immediately spray disinfectant, from the object approaching to leaving, only spray once.

Manual adjustment mode

Users can also manually spray an unlimited number of times according to your needs.

Super simple installation mode, convenient for you to install and use.

NOMU AKSO is equipped with a support frame, people can put it in any position without any restrictions.

Product package include double-side tape that can be used multiple time, can be pasted anywhere.

Special lanyard suspension design, can be hung at a high place to disinfect a larger environment.

Three AA battery’s allows up to 4,000-5,000 uses. NOMU can meet all kinds of challenging needs.

350ML capacity, a small amount of 1ML spray in a single mode is enough for 300uses.

Product Accessories

About NOMU

Nomu Brand Created

Annual output of 300,000 units rugged smartphone

Nomu infrared sanitizer Concept & Product ID initialized

1st Product prototype created

Nomu infrared sanitizer product test

2nd Product prototype created and finalized test

The first trial production of the first 500 units

The second trial production of 500 units

Mass production ,100,000

Packaging and delivery

NOMU Infrared Sanitizer Package

NOMU Infrared Sanitizer Package:12.5cm × 12.5cm × 9.5cm

NOMU Infrared Sanitizer 支架包装尺寸:16cm × 16cm × 6cm